My name is Sam Gyapong,
I’m a photographer.

Capture this moment, so that it’ll last a lifetime! This is what I live and love to do. Whether it’s for me or for you. My passion is your benefit!

It was a shot of a young Afghan refugee by Steve McCurry that first drew me to photography. Published originally in a 1985 National Geographic, it truly took my breath away. The first time I saw it my mind flooded with thoughts and emotions. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on that day, I experienced what photography could do. There is something more than posing for portraits or glamorizing ads. Sometimes moments are captured. Sometimes a photo can change a life.
Working in a photo lab provided additional material for my new interest. I began looking at images with a different eye. More inquisitive and receptive than before, I saw sunsets like I never had; animals were majestic. People were made of layers upon layers, much more than I had originally thought. I got my first camera in 2000, a Nikon N65, and I reminisce about it still. I took pictures of landscapes, skylines, trees…I didn’t feel ready for a human. I moved into motion, shooting a hobby of mine, racing and sports cars, and really enjoyed taking shots at interesting angles in motion.
My evolution to people was inevitable and a natural progression. I take great pride in envisioning your character and your moment. I have always loved capturing raw, real moments. This is what I live to do – Photography. Whether it is for me or for you, I am interested and all in. My passion is your benefit!

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